What to visit around there

From our location, guests can easily reach some of the most beautiful italian art cities:


(photo: Simone Mariani)

Spoleto (distance: 13 km), whose past greatness (from Ancient Rome to Renaissance) is still witnessed by a great historical and artistic inheritance.

Fonti del Clitunno

(photo from: campelloweb.com)

Le Fonti del Clitunno (distance: 24 km), a delightful site, often sang by great poets in the past, on the outskirts of an intact Roman Temple with Palaeochristian frescos.

Castelluccio di Norcia

(photo from: umbria24.it)

Valnerina (distance: 84 km): Cascia, Norcia, Castelluccio’s tableland… a still incomtaminate land, rich in ‘ancient flavours’, among art, history, nature and spirituality.

Cascata delle Marmore

(photo from: raftingmarmore.com)

Cascata delle Marmore (distance: 42 km), a man-made waterfall created by the ancient Romans. Its total height is 165 m (541 feet), making it the tallest man-made waterfall in the world.


(photo from: zingarate.com)

Todi (distance: 31 km), the “most livable city in the world” is a medieval town of unique beauty and elegance, rising on top of a hill overlooking the enchanting Tiber valley.


(photo from: hotelpostaorvieto.it)

Orvieto (distance: 68 km), a small treasure of art, famous worldwide for its Duomo, a marvel of European Gothic architecture, and the Pozzo di San Patrizio, a masterpiece of hydraulic engineering.


(photo from: ioviaggio.it)

Trevi (distance: 34 km), a village with a marvellous panoramic position, upon wide extent of olive yards, one of the most considerable sites in the italian production of extra virgin olive oil.


(photo from: luoghidiinteresse.it)

Assisi (distance: 58 km), one of the most important resort of all Christian spirituality, with the unlosable Basilica of San Francesco, destination for millions of visitors from all over the world.


(photo from: anpit.it)

Perugia (distance: 70 km), one of the most ancient italian Univerisities, a town with great art treasures, with its monuments, its Ancient Art Gallery and one of the most important jazz festival of the world.